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Quality and Quantity
through High Tech

So that the aims of our research do not just remain goals but are achieved and carried out, we apply high-quality technology.

The High Throughput Screening Technology we have developed meets the highest requirements for quantity as well as quantity for the efficient and economical production of a new product.


For example, the production of recombinant coagulating factors takes place biosynthetically. Genetically-altered cells are used artificially for the structured design of a coagulating factor. These cells are placed in a specially-developed, clearly-defined, and optimized growth medium. This eliminates the danger of contamination, on the one hand, from animal additives, and also ensures that the quality of the coagulating factors remains consistent. Additionally, the characteristics of the coagulating factors, such as those regarding longer effectiveness in the patient, can be modified by this procedure.


With the development of cell lines, the quantity can be selected even at the outset. This means that only cells with high productivity are selected, so as to ensure high efficicacy. Also, the quantity is very important. In the clone screening process, the quantity of the formed proteins and the medicines developed later are inspected and analyzed.


An Overview of Our Technical Achievements:

  • Cloning of the target DNA in an expression vector
  • Production of stabile transfectants
  • High Throughput Screening for the selection of optimal clones (productivity and quality/PTM)
  • Analysis of productivity and activity
  • Fermentation to examine processability of the clones
  • Purification of the target proteins


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